Our menu consists of traditional Indian appetizers, entrees, breads, and desserts. The restaurant offers a full bar with Indian beer and wine, as well as specialty cocktails. A champagne brunch will be served during lunch hours on Sundays.


Mango Avocado Salad 9
Micro leaves, laced with cumin dressing

Lobster Bisque 9
Chili oil, chives

White Asparagus Velouté 9
Shallots, chive oil, white pepper

Mango Spinach Chat 9
Flimsy, diced mango, pomegranate

Truffles Khichadi Arancini 9
Truffle oil, spicy marinara, gouda cheese

Dahi ke Tikki 9
Yogurt kebab stuffed with figs

Samosa Chips
9Potatoes and carom seeds rolled pastry

Tandoori Octopus
12Charred, smoked paprika, royal lentil

Goan Shrimp
13Vindaloo sauce, shallots and shrimps

Malai Tikka
9Flimsy, diced mango, pomegranate

Lamb Chops 2pcs
14Farm raised lamb, herb & aromatic spices

Sailana Seekh
Ginger, clove powder, and ground spices
Substitutions – Chicken (8), Lamb (11)


Served with exotic basmati rice

Butter Chicken 19
Rich silky, curry redolent, fenugreek

Rajwadi Chicken 18
Traditional curried chicken

Chettinad Chicken 18
Pounded pepper, golden onions, curry leaves

Chicken Tikka Masala 19
Grilled chicken in tomato and creamy sauce

Shrimp Pepper Masala 27
Bell peppers, cinnamon, tomatoes

Goan delicacy, tangy, savory, myriad of spices
Substitutions – Chicken (19), Lamb (21), Shrimp (25)

Paneer Lababdar 19
Butter tomato sauce, fenugreek

Palak Malai 18
Creamy fresh spinach
Vegan substitutions – Cheese, Potato, Mushroom, Corn

Khubani ka Malai Kofta 18
Apricot dumpling, cream of onion
Vegetarian | Contains Nuts

Vegetable Korma 18
Blend of vegetables, cashew sauce
Vegetarian | Contains Nuts

Alleppey Fish Curry27
Halibut, raw mango, southern herbs & spices

Yellow Crab Curry27
Jumbo lumps, costal spices, coco curry

Lamb Rogan Josh21
Myriad of whole spices, Kashmiri style curry

Lamb Shank Nihari 27
Flimsy, diced mango, pomegranate

Rampuri Lamb Korma27
Farm raised chops, almond, aromatic spices
Contains Nuts

Lamb & Spinach 21
Braised lamb and spinach
Substitutions – Chicken (19)

Baingan Bharta17
Smoked eggplant, roasted cumin
Vegetarian | Vegan

Gobi aur Fali17
Steamed cauliflower and French beans
Vegetarian | Vegan

Tawa Bhindi17
Lightly spiced okra, frizzled onion, and tomato
Vegetarian | Vegan

Vegetable Jalfrezi17
Mixed vegetable sautéed with aromatic spices
Vegetarian | Vegan


Slow cooked, layered and aromatic, traditional dum style biryani traces its origins to Hyderabad

Vegetables (17), Chicken (19), Lamb (23), Shrimp (27)


Chana Masala8
Chickpeas, onion, garlic
Vegetarian | Vegan

Yellow Daal Tadka8
Mixed lentils, red chili
Vegetarian | Vegan

Daal Makhani 8
Black Lentils, kidney bean, tomato cream

Pomegranate Raita 6
Yogurt, roasted cumin, red chill, coriander


Cucumber Raita (5) / Mango Chutney (4) / Mix Pickle (3) / Onion Salad (3)


All breads are freshly baked to your orders

Fulka (2pcs) / Butter Naan4

Rosemary / Garlic Naan 5

Pudina Paratha / Plain Paratha5

Goat Cheese / Keema Kulcha / Onion Kulcha 5

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